Sunday, April 8, 2012

Operation Analysis

Operation analysis may be defined as "A systematic procedure employed to study all of the factors which affect the method of performing an operation in order to ahieve maximum over-all economy. Through this study the best available method of performing each necessary part of an operation is found, and new manufacturing and maintenance developments are incorporate as they become available, in the continuing effort to move every job one step closer to continuous automatic accomplishment." [Stegmerten and Demmler]
Operation-Analysis Approach
1. Observe or visualize operation.
2. Ask questions to yourself as well as to others
3. Investigate 10 approaches to improvement of the operation
    a. Design of part and/or assembly (for assembly operations)
    b. Material specification
    c. Manufacturing technique employed
    d. Purpose of operation
    e. Tolerances and inspection requirements
    f. Tools and speed, feed, and depth of cut.
    g. equipment analysis
    h. Workplace layout
    i.  Motion analysis
    j.  Material flow
4. Compare old and new methods. Do Engineering Economic Analysis. [Stegmerten and Demmler]
The analysis can be written or mental.
The analysis can be for a class of work or for specific work.
Operators can be trained using audiovisual aids, in separate training sessions or by supervisors as on the job training.
To be developed further
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