Friday, April 20, 2012

Industrial Engineering in Practice - Knol Book

Industrial Engineering Tool Kit
Human Effort Engineering
Opetator Motion Design
Operator Work Station Design/Improvement
Time Study
Job Evaluation
Incentive Schemes Design
Ergonomic Analysis
Comfort and Fatigue Analysis
Safe Work Practice Design
Productive Human-Machine Interface Design
Productive and Comfortable Handtool Design
System Efficiency Engineering
Methods/Processes Efficiency Engineering
Product Efficiency Engineering
Layout Efficiency Engineering
Operations Research
Mathematical Optimization
Use of Statistics to Improve Efficiency of Operations/Product Design
Engineering Economics
Function Specific IE Techniques
Resource Efficiency
Material Use Efficiency
Equipment Use Efficiency
Energy Use Efficiency
Manpower Efficient Use
Industrial Engineering in Various Functions
Information Technology Department
Industrial Engineering in Various Industries and Economic Activities
Agriculture and Forestry
Mechanical Enginering Industries
Chemical Process Industries
Metallurgical Process Industries
Power Plants
Software Industry
Transport Companies
Banks and Financial Organizations
Construction Industry

Original knol - 3538

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