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Productivity Technology in Metal Cutting - 2013

Productivity Summit - 2013, 15-16 2013, Pune

SINUMERIK MDynamics - made for perfect milling

SINUMERIK MDynamics bundles the powerful CNC SINUMERIK hardware, intelligent CNC functions and a unique CAD/CAM/CNC process chain into technology packages for three-axis and five-axis milling machines − at a cost efficient package price. The SINUMERIK MDynamics 3-axis/5-axis milling packages are available for the CNC systems, SINUMERIK 840D sl and SINUMERIK 828D

‘Exact surface machining and precise contouring in the shortest machining times’ are factors that significantly affect workpiece quality and manufacturing productivity. This is exactly where SINUMERIK MDynamics steps in. The CNC system provides perfect surfaces with the new, intelligent Advanced Surface path control, an optimized NC data compressor, the ability to quickly adjust to workpieces, tool and program handling, optimum machining with the flexible programGuide and ShopMill programs, all resulting in shortest possible programming times.

All of this enabling economic machining and flawless surfaces with the SINUMERIK package − perfectly customized for any industry.

SINUMERIK MDynamics − made for perfect milling

SINUMERIK hardware and innovative functions at a cost efficient package price for 3-axis and 5-axis milling machines
Includes the new Advance Surface functions for intelligent motion guidance
Perfect workpiece surfaces with significantly reduced machining times

Electropneumatics offers Energy Saving Solution for Hydraulic Presses

Conventional hydraulic presses consume large amounts of energy. Their low efficiency results in significant energy wastage. However, today, there is an innovative energy-saving solution for hydraulic presses that can cut energy costs up to 60%. A servo hydraulic pump combined with an AC servo motor can provide this energy-saving. The internal gear servo pump provides variable volume flows with a highly dynamic response and lower energy requirements. "Simple, efficient, quiet and energy-saving"

High Performance Horizontal Machining Centers for ferrous machining

The WMW IWK 7000 machining center is a “HIGH PERFORMANCE” 4 axis machining center designed keeping in mind, intricate and complex machining of primarily ferrous components, providing high flexibility, performance and consistent accuracy, manufactured in the modern Starrag India facility. The focus is to get triple benefits of productivity, quality & up-time, thus maximizing customer’s OEE. The machine is designed with the proven know-how of STARRAG & HECKERT and with many innovative ideas, based on the 150 years of Starrag experience & constant technology up-gradation, oriented towards the reduction of the nonproductive idle and set-up times, thereby increasing the Productivity!

Bosch Rexroth , the cross technology machine tool equipment solution provider contributes greatly towards high productivity and energy efficiency with machining thus allowing conveniently design the optimal system solution by harmonizing top technologies. Rexroth automation solutions, right partner to improved efficiency and maximum productivity. Bosch Rexroth offers perfect system solution from hydraulics, electric drives and controls, linear motion and assembly technology , pneumatics. Rexroth’s Indra Motion MTX Micro and MTX family ensures highly dynamic processing , machining and reforming concepts and is an ideal tool for such applications , exceptionally affordable.


Most economical solution to  Production Milling Problems.  Check for details Check our channel to view Videos

Reducing CNC machine downtime

LEANworks is a software framework that can be customized to your exact needs for unmanned collection of data from machines and reporting. It measures downtime and makes shopfl oor losses visible to the top- floor. It ensures that the latest shop fl oor production data is available to you instantly. Reporting of productivity and production data becomes system dependent rather than person dependent. LEANworks has the ability to reduce machine down time as much as 30%. LEANworks automatically generates TPM OEE and other key performance reports

Software for Reducing Cycle Time in CNC turning and milling

CAPSturn / CAPSmill reduces cycle times and programming time. It enables you to take on complex jobs confidently. First-time-right programs and 100% accurate cycle time calculations are guaranteed. Makes your business competitive and profitable. Reduce machining cycle time. Reduce programming time. Reduce first part rejection. Reduce dependence on skilled CNC programmers. Reduce time taken to respond to job quotations. Reduce risk of over or underestimating cycle times.

Quick Change of Fixtures in conventional machining / VMC / HMC

Fixtures can be changed very rapidly using the Ball Lock. Providing a fixture repeatability within +/- 13 micron and in less than a minute, the Ball Lock can be a great fixture change solutions for VMCs, HMCs, Conventional Milling, Drilling, Welding machines. Ball Lock is available in varying diameters for clamping forces ranging from 3KN to 88KN.

Part Clamping on Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) using Staylock

VTL require rigid reliable clamping and generally employ conventional time consuming mechanical clamping or expensive hydraulic chucks. A great solution to this can be found in Staylock Clamps. They are faster and more convenient to use than mechanical clamps and cost a lot less than radial hydraulic chucks. Staylocks can be used with Quick Change disconnects to obtain a truly great solution for Part clamping on VTL.

Quick Hydraulic Part Clamping in Cylinder heads without fear of Clamping release

A solution to clamp parts without fear of loss of clamping can be found in Staylock Clamps. Available in different styles with varying clamping forces ranging from 15 to 125 KN, the staylock clamps are Mechanical Wedge clamps using hydraulic pressure for actuation. Staylocks have been successfully used in the machining of Cylinder heads. Since they do not require pressure to maintain the clamping, there is no possibility of clamping release; therefore the power source can be disconnected

Single Minute Change of Fixtures

The Ball Lock is a solution to change fixtures on VMC / HMC / Welding machines / conventional machines within few minutes and with a fixture repeatability within +/- 13 micron. The Ball Lock increases productivity with energy savings!

Speed Increaser

Many industries have machines but they want to increase the rpm of the spindle to get the right cutting speed we provide that solution from MPA italy with speed increasers


We can expedite the process of finishing on the CNC itself and not shift it to grinding process with SCAMI-ALVAN roller burnishing tools for both internal process and external process and also some specific special profiles


The manufacturing industry has a unique problem for chamferig and deburring the holes from front and back in one set up and we provide this solution from EZ BURR our principals in US F

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