Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kaizens - Production Improvement Ideas Implemented - India - Kaizen Eye
Fevicol keeps drying in its drum, leading to wastage of same
Drum is covered from all sides within a wooden box with cover on the top also.
Drying of fevicol has reduced upto the 60 %. Quality of fevicol remains as is throughout its consumption from the drum, for change in its viscosity is NEGLIGIBLE.
Zero rejection on CV line::ASSY C/MEMBER Cyl Mtg.
Tube light should glow only if machine starts
To eliminate the hand/finger injuries at Rieter winder
Elimination of extra time for counting.
Eliminate graphite primer drops falling on the floor.
To reduce the maintenance cost of air supply units.
Problem: 3 operator,3 machines were input for 210 nos. Production.The line was  Covering more area (40 sq. Mtrs)
Improvement: Line balancing done & layout  Made compact .Now 2 operators & 3 Machines are the input for 210 nos. Production.The area covered is 28 sq. Mtrs.
Problem: Position of hinge used to get shifed While clamping manually in ye-2 r/b Non split fixture.More time was taken for clamping.
Pneumatic clamping done for quality & productivity improvement.

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