Thursday, January 30, 2014

Productivity and IE in Motorcycle and Scooter Manufacturing

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Single-Pass Bore Finishing from Engis Revs Up Productivity for Motorcycle Gear Supplier

Tight tolerances are extremely important in gear manufacturing; even more so when those gears are used in performance motorcycle transmissions. Just as important is the ability to manufacture as competitively as possible. This was the position a motorcycle component manufacturer faced recently when they contacted Engis Corp. about single-pass bore finishing.

Motorcycle Manufacturer Increases Productivity with Multiple
Pentalift Application Designed Hydraulic Lift Tables

Revving Up Productivity With A Pallet Changer

Optimising and simulating the assembly line balancing problem in a motorcycle manufacturing company: a case study
Pablo Cortés, Luis Onieva, José Guadix
International Journal of Production Research (Impact Factor: 1.46). 06/2010; 48:3637-3656.

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