Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lean for Systems Engineering with Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering - Bodan W. Oppenheim - Book Information

John Wiley & Sons

It is a 'must read' for any engineer and manager trying to establish and maintain lean practices and principles in their systems engineering/product development processes.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction.

1.1 Introducing Lean Systems Engineering and Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering.

1.2 Organization of the Book.

2. A Brief History of Recent Management Paradigms.

2.1 From TQM to Six Sigma and Lean.

2.2 Lean Six Sigma.

3. Lean Fundamentals.

3.1 Value.

3.2 Waste.

3.3 Lean Principles.

3.4 The Lean Symphony of the Principles.

4. Lean in Product Development.

4.1 Review of Progress.

4.2 The Method of Lean Product Development Flow (LPDF).

5. From Traditional to Lean Systems Engineering.

5.1 Successes and Failures of Traditional Systems Engineering.

5.2 Waste in Traditional Systems Engineering.

5.3 Beginnings of Lean Systems Engineering.

5.4 Lean Systems Engineering Working Group of InCOSE.

5.5 Value in Lean Systems Engineering.

6. Development of Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering (LEfSE).

6.1 Strategy.

6.2 Development of LEfSE).

6.3 Survey.

6.4 Benchmarking with NASA and GAO Recommendations.

6.5 Version 1.0 and Awards.

7. Lean Enablers for System Engineering.

7.1 Organization.

7.2 Tables with Lean Enablers for Systems Engineering (LEfSE).

8. General Guidance for Implementation.

8.1 General Guidance for Implementing LEfSE.

8.2 Early Case Studies.

Glossary of Abbreviations.

Glossary of Idioms, Colloquialisms and Foreign Expressions (bold and italicized in the text).


Appendix 1. INCOSE Web Page with LEfSE.

Appendix 2. Mapping of LEfSE onto INCOSE SE Processes.

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