Thursday, December 1, 2016

Work Simplification - Alan Mogensen


Alan Mogensen

3. To creat a sense of "belonging," and of "participating." and of "accomplishing"  in each and every employee is a vital responsibility of managemet. Work simplification stresses this human factor. Here, of course, the foreman plays a vital part.

5. Work simplification rests of the principle that any work that does not add value to the product, does not give or receive essential information, does not plan or calculate is essentially WASTE.

7. The major specific wastes in a process are TRANSPORTION, DELAY or STORAGE, and INSPECTION. The major waste in a man-machine combination is IDLE TIME by both the operator and the machine.   The major  wastes in the activity of a worker in  a process, a man-machine combination or in hand operation  are TRANSPORTION, DELAY , and FAILURE TO REDUCE THE ELAPSED TIME of activity by the use of KNOWN FASTER DEVICES.

11. Ingenuity has great possibilities. Often the results of a new twist are startling. Work-simplification techniques give full scope to ingenuity and see to its proper application.

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