Thursday, November 29, 2012

Metal Working - Cost Reduction Opportunities

Complementarity and Cost Reduction - 1997 paper on Automobile Industry

Cost Effective Machining of Brass, Copper and Its Alloys

Cost Reduction of a Chassis and Cover by switching to Die Casting - Alexander Machine and Tool Company Cases - Cost reduction to $210 per piece frm $300

Emerging Titanium Cost Reduction Technologies

Impression Die Casting Projects - Cost Reduction Achievements - There is crank shaft case also.

Metal Injection Molding - Cost Reduction opportunities for small components with more than 10,000 parts per month and above

Ready for Six Sigma - 2006

Reduction in machining cost of crank shaft die by using a different tool

Setup Time Reduction in Machine Shop

Shell Molding Process produces cost savings

Single piece design instead of 5 items - Forging

The Cost of Machine Tool Ownership

Tips on designing for cost effective machines parts

Use  Cold forming in place of machine - Reduce cost

Use continuous casting instead of machining

Use hard turning instead of grinding - Feb 2003

5-axis machining will reduce fixture costs and setup costs

Latest Trends in Machining - Full Book - Drishtikon Book

Machining cost reduction - Google Search Results

Operating A CNC Powered Machine Shop: Roadmap for Efficiency

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