Friday, January 18, 2013

Call for Research Papers in Industrial Engineering - 6th EuroMed EMRBI Conference - Portugal 2013

Track Details

Industrial Engineering and System Efficiency Improvement

Industrial Engineering has been broadened to dealing with efficiency improvement of all business functions of an organization. As effectiveness and efficiency are the two fundamental performance parameters of managerial activity or of a business organization, IE is an important subject/discipline. Efficiency is an important principle of management and it is mentioned by Koontz and O’Donnell as one of the principles of management in planning, organizing and control functions. Productivity is an important management issue. Resource efficiency now got additional support from environment management discipline. This track invites papers on: Productivity improvement; Cost Management; Product Redesign for Economy;, Process Redesign for Economy; Resource Efficiency

Track is listed at 46 in the
Full details of the conference - 6th EuroMed Academy of Business Conference

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