Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chapter - Introduction to Operations Research in IE - 2013 Edition

Industrial engineering discipline uses operations research models in human effort engineering as well as system efficiency engineering. Operations research is useful in deciding tradeoffs. Operations research models give us the efficient points of system functioning for a given values of variable and whenever the values of variable change due industrial engineering improvement or other engineering and management improvement, the efficient points need to be recalculated.

Content in earlier editions
Operations Research - Efficiency Improvement Tool for Industrial Engineers

Bibliography 2013

Additional resources identified in January 2013

The role of mathematical sciences in industry - 2012 report

Solving Vehicle Routing Problem

Optimization Theory, Decision Making and OR Applications
Proceedings - 1st International Conference in OR, 2013

Operations Research Applications
2008, A. Ravichandran

Supply Chain Engineering: Models and Applications

Applicability of OR in Manufacturing Logistics
Doctoral Thesis, 2011

A Case Study of Petroleum Transportation Logistics, 2012 paper

Noble Prize for OR Models in 2012 - Al Roth and Lloyd Shapely

Intelligence Operations Research

Newsvendor Problem

Maximizing Profit using OR techniques for the conversion of small logs into Furniture Shorts 
Doctoral thesis - 1990

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