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Warehouse Industrial Engineering - Warehouse Efficiency Improvement - Bibliography


Lessons learned during the lengthy search for the perfect methodology
By Russell D. Meller and Lisa M. Thomas
Industrial Engineer Engineering and Management Solutions at Work
December 2013    |    Volume: 45    |    Number: 12

The Productivity Trifecta of Warehouse Optimization: Engineered Labor, Slotting, and Task Interleaving
By Tom Kozenski



Facility design: Achieving overall efficiency in the
warehouse environment
The South African Breweries (SAB) Limpopo warehouse (depot) functionally serves as a buffer
(decoupler) for material flow received from various plants namely Polokwane, Rosslyn, Chamdor and
Alrode. Viewed from this perspective the buffering  function of a warehouse seeks to ensure SAB is able to service customer's needs efficiently.  The SAB warehouse executes the following basic functions: receiving,
storage, order picking and shipping.

“Warehouse efficiency at Topa verpakking”

The problem definition of this research is: “How can non value adding activities be reduced to
improve the efficiency in the distribution center of Topa verpakking? “. The word efficiency is defined
as doing the thing right which is usually measured as the output per unit input.


Warehousing in theory and practice

A case study at ÖoB, Clas Ohlson, Stadium, Åhlens

Some of the recent developments in the warehousing led to the development of new
warehousing concept called a “Retail Warehouse”. In a retail warehouse, the floor space
is used for warehousing as well as the retail store. These types of warehouses are
equipped with tall racks and the items which are ready for sale are placed at the bottom
of the racks and the products which are wrapped, packaged and palletized are placed in
the top parts. This concept cuts down the costs involved in warehousing and eliminates
the total concept of warehouse.

Charley Johnston, Senior Process Improvement Engineering

Updated  24 October, 2016

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