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Low Cost Suppliers for Industrial Engineering - Value Engineering - 2014 - Information

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Low-Cost Country Sourcing Procurement Solutions from GEP Procurement Consultants
More Value, Less Time
Research says best-in-class procurement organizations source at least 20% of their enterprise spend from low-cost countries. GEP can help you achieve more value more rapidly. On average, GEP delivers incremental savings of 25% to 30% when sourcing from low-cost country sources, instead of domestic suppliers.

Choosing the right overseas supplier for your business is a lengthy process that requires
time, research, experience and strategy if you want to negotiate fair terms and secure the
best available pricing.

 Product Sourcing in Low-Cost Countries - Learning from Bangladesh



Cheaper Chinese Solar Panels - Analysis
Industry-validated figures from the first half of 2012, estimate of an MSP is $1.19 per Watt for US solar panels, compared to $0.91 per Watt for Chinese solar panels, and it represents  a price advantage of 23 per cent for a China-based manufacturer.
The dominant reason behind it is primarily the scale of solar panel manufacturing in the region, enabled by a less restrictive business and regulatory environment. The study shows that the density of production and the cost-benefit of using local suppliers give a China-based manufacturer access to cheaper materials and machinery. These scale and supply-chain advantages provide a China-based solar panel factory with a significant MSP advantage of $0.28 per Watt.

Low-Cost Chinese Suppliers Threaten Shakeup in Pneumatic Components Market
The global market for pneumatic valves and actuators, estimated to be worth nearly $8 billion in 2012,
The market is dominated by a handful of large manufacturers, led by SMC from Japan and Festo from Germany, which together accounted for slightly more than 45 percent of the worldwide revenue in 2012.

Mexico Replaces China as U.S. Low Cost Supplier

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