Saturday, January 25, 2014

Productivity and IE in Synthetic Dye and Pigment Manufacturing

Absolute.Za depth filters provide unmatched per-formance for the chemical process industries. Z.Plex* technology has been used to create a depth filter, which has absolute filtration (99.9% efficiency at the rated micron) and long life. This combination delivers the lowest total operating cost for the most demanding applications in the chemical process industries. A leading manufacturer of ink jet dyes trialed Absolute.Za in their manufacturing process. The company was looking for improved productivity, faster processing and lower total operating cost, while maintaining their customers’ quality require-ments. The manufacturing process was a batch operation, which included over 350 different ink dye formulations. Organic solvents used were primarily ketones. Absolute filtration at 0.5 micron was re-quired for ink quality.
Production and purchas-ing management viewed the performance and cost savings of switching to the Absolute.Za as an "easy decision," and initiated the required steps to imple-ment its use.
2012 GE power and water case study


Dintex Dyechem Green Productivity Case Study
This resulted in savings of over Rs.16 million (US$ 357,136) a year — from an initial investment of some
Rs 17 million (US$379,457).

Dye Manufacturing Technologies and pollution
1998 paper

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