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Productivity and Industrial Engineering in Bottled Water Manufacturing

Simulation and Control of Bottling Plant using First-order Hybrid Petri Nets

Positive Systems: Theory and Applications: Proceedings of the First Multidisciplinary International Symposium on Positive Systems: Theory and Applications (POSTA 2003), Rome, Italy, August 28-30, 2003.

Energy efficiency in Nestle  bottled water plants

Over the period 2005-2010, our energy use per litre has decreased by 22%.

Nestlé Waters has introduced many initiatives to optimise the energy efficiency of its plants, Including :
increasing line productivity,
investing in more energy-efficient machines,
heat recovery,
sharing expertise among the engineering community,
introducing new bottle blowing technologies.
While our production has increased, our energy use per litre has decreased by 22%.


Productivity in Bottle Washing and Cost Reduction

Kolob Water Co. of Cedar City, UT, is a successful marketer of bottled spring water. Kolob’s customers get to have their “own” label on the PET water bottles they give to customers during office visits or at trade shows.

Martin Edgel, company manager,visited Pack Expo Las Vegas 2001 to view the latest technology and acquire it to improve the plant’s productivity. As a result of the show, Edgel purchased a 90-degree transfer turntable, a stainless-steel conveyor, and an automatic bottle washer—all from Accutek Packaging Equipment Co.

The bottle washer operates in a linear fashion. It has 10 rinse nozzles, an automatic bottle-indexing system, and a soft-grip bottle grabber. Photoeyes count the appropriate quantity of PET bottles into the work area. Additional containers are stopped automatically. A gripper arm then inverts the containers over a liquid-recovery basin as sanitizing liquid is sprayed into the bottles to remove any carton dust or particles. A no-clog spray and valve system allows the bottle washer to remain in operation when recycling rinse or sanitizing solution from the recovery basin.

After containers are rinsed and placed back onto the transport conveyor, they’re released from the work area and a new set of containers is indexed in for rinsing. The bottle washer cleans effectively at production rate speeds of up to 45 containers per minute (21,600 containers in 8 hour shift).

Prior to installing Accutek’s bottle washer, Kolob washed all of its bottles by hand.  With the new system installed, Kolob increased productivity by 300%, producing up to 400 cases per day. The manufacturing cost reduced by $1.50 per case.  - Spring 44 bottling solution

Automatic water bottle washing, filling and capping


Portable Water Bottle Production Systems - 125 liters per hour
In an eight-hour session, up to 2,000 bottles of 500 ml size can be filled with a crew of two.
water purified by Blue Spring table-top bottled water production system costs as little as 1/8th penny (US$ 0.0013) per liter of product water.

Norland International.

Norland International, Inc. is your complete source for water bottling plants: complete bottled water production lines, water distillation systems; and related equipment for the water bottling industry, such as: commercial water distillers; carbon filters; ozone generating systems; bottle washers, fillers and cappers; case-packers and shrink-wrappers; and blow molding equipment for PET bottles.
In addition to its quality water bottling products, Norland is known worldwide for its industry-leading customer support, including pre-sale consultation and plant design, and after-sale service, including installation and maintenance.

A project report on mineral water - location at Uruguay - 2011
Pack: 21 months;  IRR: 71.9%

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