Tuesday, November 4, 2014

MS in IE& OR in USA - Likely Cost

Georgia Institute of Technology (Ranked as Number one by US News)
(http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-engineering-schools/industrial-engineering-rankings  )
In the above linked the tuition fee was given as  was given as $27,130 per year.
But http://www.bursar.gatech.edu/student/tuition/Spring_2015/Spring15-all_fees.pdf  gives tuition fee information on semester basis.

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

The Masters degree requires 30 credit hours and is intended for the student with a technical undergraduate degree.
US News says tution fee is $41,998 per year.
The university website says $21,868 per term 9+ credits or $2,752 for first hour and 2,390 per additional hours. At this rate  30 credit hours come to appx $75,000.

Direct application to Phd is possible for undergraduates.

Columbia University


MS in IE OR  $80,727

MS in FE $102,435


Purdue - Industrial Engineering Course

Graduate student may receive support from the School of Industrial Engineering including fellowships, assistantships, and instructorships. Master’s students of exceptional quality may be considered for financial support. Continuation of funding is dependent upon satisfactory review of the student’s performance at the end of each semester. Graduate study is financed from graduate appointments, special fellowships, loans, personal funds, and combinations of these sources. Detailed information on financing graduate study can be obtained from the Graduate School.


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