Saturday, March 8, 2014

Productivity Inc. - Consultant

Productivity Inc.
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Removing obstacles from the value stream so that value flows to customers.

In a lean enterprise, people work together to solve problems, perfect processes, and search continually for the best ways to deliver value to customers.

"Lean" is a way of managing your organization to deliver maximum value to customers with minimal resources and zero waste. Companies that put "lean thinking" into action become highly competitive, resilient, and adaptive.

Becoming lean means understanding your company as a complete system rather than a series of departmental silos. Lean companies continually improve cost, quality, delivery, and capabilities by:

Simplifying processes across the entire enterprise and supply chain.
Shortening lead times.
Aligning production and service delivery to match customer demand and cash flow.
Learning continuously and dynamically, with a culture rooted in daily problem-solving and mutual respect.

Productivity knows lean. We brought lean principles to the West, and we understand its technical and human sides. For more than 30 years we have advanced the capabilities of organizations and individuals through consulting, training, certification, research, and more.

We are proven experts who can help your organization become and stay lean.

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