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Pilot Plant Industrial Engineering and Productivity Improvement

Industrial Engineers have to improve productivity in all engineering processes of all branches of engineering.

Pilot Plant Industrial Engineering for Productivity Improvement

Industrial has to work with product designers and do cost reduction and productivity improvement of new products at the design stage. They have to work with process developers to ensure the most productivity process at that stage. They need to work with pilot plant designers and developers to see that capital equipment decisions are rational and optimal. Then they have to observe the pilot plant processes and operator methods and motions to improve productivity based on actual work in the pilot plant. Industrial engineering done during the design, development, installation and operation of pilot plants can be termed pilot plant industrial engineering and it will be a very valuable service to industrial organizations and development of industry offered by industrial engineering discipline and profession.

Importance of Pilot and Demonstration Plants for Large Production Facilities
12 February 2018Mandar Deshmukh

Process Engineering for Scale-Up of Specialty Chemicals

 Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC)

Scale-up of  chemicals encompasses various design methods through which a small lab process (typically at a gram scale) is enlarged to a large-scale process. The main objectives of scale-up activity at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) are:
 i) preparation of large quantities (typically 1000x lab scale) of materials having the same or similar chemical and physical properties of the material made at the small scale, and
ii) delivery of a manufacturing-ready process.

A reduction in unit manufacturing cost and improved quality are usually required and achieved on scale-up. Potential environmental and safety issues are adequately addressed at the engineering bench, before the process is scaled-up to the Pilot Plant. Process engineering plays a vital role in assuring an economical, robust, safe and environmentally friendly process for scale-up to manufacturing.

LGC Process and System Engineering

LGC briefly
A joint research unit…

The LGC is a chemical engineering research centre located in Toulouse
It is a joint research unit (UMR5503) bringing together:

The National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS),
The Institut National Polytechnique (INP)
and the Université Paul Sabatier (UPS)
…and organised into 6 research departments …

One of them is Process and System Engineering

Home > Research at LGC > PSE - Process and System Engineering

Area of action
- Development and integration of generic models and concepts for the prediction of process or system performance
- Experimental validation phase for systems that physically exist.
- Improvement of the efficiency of numerical processes to solve problems by a large range of linear and discrete variables linked by non-linear equations that can present combinatorial properties.

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