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Productivity Statistics - USA


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Labor productivity declines were widespread among manufacturing industries in 2017, with decreases in 54 of
the 86 four-digit NAICS industries. Of the 51 industries in durable manufacturing, 34 experienced productivity
decreases in 2017 led by a decline in the other transportation equipment industry of 11.5 percent. Nondurable
manufacturing also experienced widespread declines in 2017 with productivity falling in 20 of 35 industries, led
by the sugar and confectionery products industry with a decrease of 8.0 percent. Of the 4 industries in the mining
sector, 3 had productivity gains in 2017 led by the oil and gas extraction industry with an increase of 32.6

Long-Term Trends in Labor Productivity and Unit Labor Costs
Chart 4 displays the number of NAICS 4-digit manufacturing and mining industries with increases
in productivity, output, and hours worked for selected time periods through 2017.
Labor Productivity
• Over the entire 1987-2017 period, labor productivity rose in 83 of the 90 manufacturing
and mining industries. This was associated with output rising in 58 industries, while hours
worked increased in only 15.
• During the more recent 2007-2017 period, which included the Great Recession,
productivity increased in only 43 industries. These increases are predominantly the result
of a decline in hours worked rather than an increase in output, as hours worked fell in 72
industries while output increased in only 15.

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