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PCB Design and Manufacturing Productivity - Product and Process Industrial Engineering

Printed Circuit Boards from 10,000 Feet – An Introduction for Electronics Beginners - Good information
Sam Sattel

PCB Manufacturing Process Explanation

Understanding PCB Manufacturing: Panelization
Nov 18, 2014

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Technologies

PCB  Design and Manufacturing  Productivity Related News, Articles and Papers


Cost vs. Price:The Economics of PCB Design

Clearance and Creepage Rules for PCB Assembly
Optimum Design Associates Blog

Should Cost Examples For PCB Assembly
OPtimum rates are lower than China rates.

Effective. Efficient. Engineered Solutions
We Exceed Customer Expectations in Quality, Delivery and Service building long term relationships based on Customer Satisfaction Index.
End-End Program Management
Faster Time to Market
Reduced BoM Costs
Cost Effective Engineering
Putting Complex Product together

Test Engineering | Electronic Design Test Engineering
Test Engineering is one of the most important tasks in production. In this stage, all electronic boards are tested to verify that the product is free of any error. Testing usually has two stages: 1. The In-Circuit-Test (ICT) checks the components and the inter-connections of the parts on a PCB. With the ICT we can detect many problems, such as poor soldering, cold solder or solder bridge, improper component value, broken parts and similar connectivity problems.

Second stage of testing - the Functional Test. 2. The Functional Test is a complex test that is designed specifically for one particular product and will check the features and functionality of that product. By performing the functional test  the chance of an error is reduced to a minimum! We consider testability in our design right from the first day. Because of the experience and skills of our engineering staff, we are able to reduce the time spent in the test engineering section, especially with high quantity production. This is critical because each minute of delay in test engineering means a delay in getting the product out of the factory and to the client! As well, we can design test facilities on board, like test pads, connectors and test interfaces. Discuss your requirements to incorporate all of them into the final board layout.

Value Engineering of PCB Cloning

Value Engineering objective

A value engineering (VE) review of PCB Cloning candidates may reveal cost drivers over and beyond the sole source restrictions. Some probable high cost drivers are: excessive material requirements such as the capacitor, resistor, inductor and integrated circuits, PCB layout drawing defects, over design, functional redundancy, tolerance restrictions, excessive performance requirements, etc.

Allegro PCB DesignTrue DFM Technology
Real-time DFM checks ensure manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability of Rigid Multi-Layer Boards
By: Tom Hausherr 

Knowledge based tool for conducting design


mSAP: The New PCB Manufacturing Imperative for 5G Smartphones
October 23, 2017


Orbotech Releases Precise 800 Automated Optical Shaping 3D Solution for PCB Manufacturers
 May 22, 2016
The new technology should attract the attention of PCB manufacturers as it’s capable of removing excess copper as well as filling in the areas where it is missing. These features are significant as it means the ‘shaping solution’ is eliminating scrap and offering substantial savings on the bottom line with a rapid recoup regarding the initial investment.

The Biggest PCB Manufacturing Trends We’ve Seen This Year
AUGUST 18, 2016

What You Need To Know About PCB Design & Manufacturing
Jul 25, 2016
Interesting article with some references

PCBs Fabrication Methods
GUIDE: PCBs Fabrication Methods


Eight steps for efficient PCB manufacturing and assembly – Part One
By Michael Ford,   Posted: May 18, 2015




Selecting PCB Materials for High-Frequency
By John Coonrod, Rogers Corporation, Advanced Circuit Materials Division
March/April 2012
Microwave Engineering europe



YouTube Video - PCB Design to Manufacture


Horng-Hai Loh, Ming-Sing Lu, "Printed circuit board inspection using image analysis", Industrial Automation and Control: Emerging Technologies 1995. International IEEE/IAS Conference on, pp. 673-677, 1995.

This paper presents an inspection system for the defects on surface mounted device (SMD) printed circuit boards (PCBs). There are five types of defects, namely, missing component, misalignment, wrong orientation of IC chip, wrong parts and poor solder joints. Different algorithms are developed to detect these faults. Vision system has been introduced into almost every level of PCB manufacturing. They include PCB pattern inspection machines, SMD mounter with visual positioning, mounted SMD visual inspection machines, soldering inspection machines, assembled PCB visual inspection machines etc. Most of these vision systems achieve significant benefits.


Vision systems for PCB manufacturing in Japan
S. Hata

Abstract: Current vision systems in Japanese printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing lines are described. Vision systems have been introduced into almost every level of PCB manufacturing in Japan. They include mask pattern inspection machines, PCB pattern inspection machines, surface-mount device (SMD) mounters with visual positioning, mounted SMD visual inspection machines, soldering inspection machines, and assembled PCB visual inspection machines. Most of these vision systems were integrated successfully and achieved significant benefits.
Published in: [Proceedings] IECON '90: 16th Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
Date of Conference: 27-30 Nov. 1990

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