Friday, February 3, 2012

NRao - Articles on Industrial Engineering and Management

I created number of articles systematically on Google Knol. But Knol is now being closed and I am migrating those articles to blogger.

My knols were focused on two disciplines mainly – Management and Industrial Engineering.

The articles are classified into two categories

Management Knowledge Revision Articles

Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Articles

Subject-Wise Article Series

Foundation Subjects

Psychology Article Series

Sociology Article Series
Research Methodology Article Series

Management - Common Principles Applicable to All Functions and Domains of Management

Principles of Management Article Series
Organizational Behavior Article Series

Common Functional Areas of Management

Strategic Management Article Series

Marketing Management Article Series



Specialization  Areas in Management

Industrial Engineering Article Series


Links to various article series will be given as the directory of the series is posted in knol.

Subject for which Revision Knols are to prepared 

Subject in NITIE Curriculum

Communication Skills
Business Statistics
Marketing Management - I
Business Economics
Financial & Cost Accounting
Principles Of Organization & Management
Introduction to Industrial Engineering
Production & Operations Management
Data Communication
Software Engineering
Quality Management
Organizational Behavior
Industrial And Economic Environment
Financial Management
Procurement And Materials Management
Operations Research
Logistics Management
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management-II
Manufacturing & Enterprise Resource Planning
Environmental Management
Supply Chain Management
Project Management
Management Accounting And Control
Industrial Relations
Leadership Development
Global Economic Perspectives
Business And Commercial Laws
Business And Managerial Ethics
Strategic Management
1. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
2. Mergers and Acquisitions
3. Investment Banking and Management (Proposed)
4. International Finance
5.Financial Engineering
6. Business Analysis and Econometric Applications
7. Estimation Theory and Forecasting


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Knol will not available for public viewing from 1 May 2012

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