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Industrial Engineering Programs at Georgia Institute of Technology

H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
BSIE, MSIE, Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering
 H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
 Georgia Institute of Technology
765 Ferst Drive, NW :: Atlanta, GA 30332-0205

At Georgia Tech, formal study in the discipline of Industrial Engineering (IE) began in 1924 in the form of a program option in Mechanical Engineering. In 1948, the stand-alone Department of Industrial Engineering was established. It has been an influential institution in guiding and shaping the discipline. The original Journal of Industrial Engineering was started at Georgia Tech and its first editor (Lehrer) was a member of the IE faculty. Georgia Tech's IE Department is now based in the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE). Study and research in modern industrial engineering continues to thrive at Georgia Tech and its influence in the field remains prominent.

Between 1000 and 1200 students are in the undergraduate BSIE program and  by far, it is the largest undergraduate academic program of it kind in the United States. The School awards approximately 300 undergraduate degrees every year. At the masters level, in IE, by far the most popular  is the program leading to the degree Master of Science in Industrial Engineering. Applicants interested in more focused sub-disciplines related to interest areas often associated with modern IE find appealing the Master of Science in Health Systems and the Master of Science in Quantitative and Computational Finance, while some, consider masters degrees in Statistics, Operations Research, and Computational Science and Engineering. At the doctoral level, admitted students pursue the Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering which breaks down into four, distinct specializations: supply chain engineering, statistics, economic decision analysis, and system informatics and control.


Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE)



  • ISyE 6201 Manufacturing Systems
  • ISyE 6202 Warehousing Systems
  • ISyE 6203 Transportation and Supply Chain Systems

Select 3 courses from the following list:

  • ISyE 6669 Deterministic Optimization
  • ISyE 6650 Probabilistic Models and Their Applications
  • ISyE 6644 Simulation
  • ISyE 6414 Statistical Modeling and Regression Analysis
  • ISyE 6225 Engineering Economy or ISyE 6227 Financial Engineering


Students must select two courses with demonstrable technical content and that support the manufacturing and logistics track. These courses should be 6000-level or above and need not be confined to ISyE, but may include courses from other fields such as Computing, Mathematics, etc.

FREE ELECTIVES (2 courses)


Of possible interest is our Manufacturing Certificate Program. Details regarding this interdisciplinary activity can be found at:



Select three from the following four offerings in Human-Machine Systems

  • ISyE 6215 Models of Human-Machine Systems
  • ISyE 7210 Real-Time Interactive Simulation
  • ISyE 6231 Design of Human-Integrated Systems
  • ISyE 6223 Understanding and Supporting Human Decision Making

Select 3 from: ISyE 6669, ISyE 6650, ISyE 6644, ISyE 6413, ISyE 6227.

AREA ELECTIVES (4 courses)

Students are encouraged to select 2 courses from human-integrated systems course offerings exemplified by those listed below. For the remaining courses, they may select from this list or, with advisor approval, substitute other courses from ISyE, Computing, Psychology, the Graphics, Visualization, and Usability (GVU) Center, or Cognitive Science.

  • ISyE 6232 Safety-Critical Real-Time Systems
  • ISyE 6205 Cognitive Engineering
  • ISyE 6224 Topics in Human-Integrated Systems
  • ISyE 6779 Dynamic System Simulation & Modeling
  • ISyE 6234 Measurement of Human-Integrated Systems


An admitted doctoral student in the Stewart School can pursue one of five formal Ph.D. options. These options are identified below including specific details regarding the explicit programs of study for each.

Faculty (December 2009)

Abayomi, Kobi -- Assistant Professor
Columbia University, 2008 

Ahmed, Shabbir -- Associate Professor
University of Illinois - Urbana, 2000.  Optimization

Alexopoulos, Christos -- Associate Professor
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1988.  Stochastic Processes, Simulation

Ammons, Jane Chumley -- Associate Dean of Engineering and Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology, 1982. P.E. Georgia.  Industrial Engineering, Applied Optimization

Andradottir, Sigrun -- Professor
Stanford University, 1990.  Stochastic Optimization, Simulation, and Applied Probability

Ayhan, Hayriye -- Associate Professor
Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 1995.  Applied Probability, Stochastics Processes

Barnes, Earl -- Professor Emeritus
University of Maryland, 1968.  Mathematical Programming

Bartholdi, III, John J. -- Manhattan Associates Chair of Supply Chain Management and Research Director, The Supply Chain & Logistics Institute
University of Florida, 1977.  Discrete Optimization, Logistics

Clarke, John-Paul -- Associate Professor

Cook, William J. -- Chandler Family Chair and Professor
University of Waterloo, 1983.  Combinatorial Optimization

Cross, Stephen E. -- Director of GTRI and Professor in ISyE
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1983. 

Dai, Jiangang (Jim) -- Edenfield Professor
Stanford University, 1990.  Operations Research, Applied Probability

Deng, Shijie -- Associate Professor
University of California-Berkeley, 1999.  Economic Decision Analysis

Dey, Santanu -- Assistant Professor
Purdue University, 2007 

Dieker, Antonius -- Assistant Professor
University of Amsterdam, 2006.  Applied probability and service engineering

Erera, Alan -- Associate Professor
University of California-Berkeley, 2000.  Logistics, Operations Research

Ergun, Ozlem -- Associate Professor
Massachussetts Institute of Technology, 2001.  Logistics, Optimization

Esogbue, Augustine -- Professor
University of Southern California, 1968.  Operations Research, Systems Engineering, Large Scale and Socio-technical Systems

Foley, Robert D. -- Professor
University of Michigan, 1979.  Applied Probability

Gebraeel, Nagi -- Assistant Professor
Purdue University, 2003  Diagnostics, Prognostics, and Spare Parts Logistics

Goetschalckx, Marc -- Associate Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology, 1983.  Material Handling, Small Computers, Industrial Engineering
 Marc Goetschalckx at ISyE

Goldsman, David M. -- Professor
Cornell University, 1984.  Operations Research, Applied Statistics and Simulation

Griffin, Paul M. -- Professor
Texas A&M University, 1988.  Economic Decision Analysis and Health Systems

Hackman, Steve -- Associate Professor
University of California, Berkeley, 1983.  Production Systems

Huo, Xiaoming -- Associate Professor
Stanford University, 1999.  Statistics

Johnson, Ellis -- Coca-Cola Chair and Professor
University of California, Berkeley, 1965.  Mathematical Programming

Keskinocak, Pinar -- Associate Professor
Carnegie Mellon University, 1997.  Logistics, Economic Decision Analysis, Optimization

Kim, Seong-Hee -- Associate Professor
Northwestern University, 2001.  Simulation, Applied Statistics

Kleywegt, Anton -- Associate Professor
Purdue University, 1996.  Operations Research, Logistics

Koltchinskii, Vladimir -- Professor
Ph.D. Kiev University, 1982.  Statistics

Kvam, Paul -- Professor
University of California, Davis, 1991.  Statistics

Lee, Eva -- Associate Professor
Rice University, 1993.  Combinatorial Optimization, Operations Research, Medicine (jointly appointed with Radiation Oncology, Emory University School of Medicine)

Lohmann, Jack R. -- Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Development and Professor
Stanford University, 1979. P.E. Michigan.  Engineering Economics, Capital Budgeting, Replacement Economics, Science and Engineering Education

Lu, Jye-Chyi (JC) -- Professor
University of Wisconsion, 1988.  Statistics, Data Mining and Warehousing, Information Systems Engineering,e-Business, e-Design, e-Logistics

McGinnis, Leon F. -- Eugene C. Gwaltney Chair in Manufacturing Systems and Professor
North Carolina State University, 1974. P.E. Georgia.  Applied Operation Research, Manufacturing Logistics

Mei, Yajun -- Assistant Professor
California Institute of Technology, 2003  Statistics

Mitchell, Christine M. -- Professor
Ohio State University, 1980.  Human-Machine Systems

Monteiro, Renato D.C. -- Professor
University of California, Berkeley, 1988.  Linear and Nonlinear Optimization

Nemhauser, George L. -- A. Russell Chandler lll Chair and Institute Professor
Northwestern University, 1961.  Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization

Nemirovski, Arkadi -- John Hunter Chair and Professor
Moscow State University, 1970  Convex and Continuous Optimization

Parker, R. Gary -- Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and Professor
Kansas State University, 1972.  Combinatorial Optimization

Pritchett, Amy -- David S. Lewis Associate Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1996.  Cognitive Engineering

Ratliff, H. Donald -- UPS and Regents' Professor
Johns Hopkins University, 1970. P.E. Florida.  Logistics, Network Optimization

Reveliotis, Spiridon -- Associate Professor
University of Illinois - Urbana, 1996.  Manufacturing, Stochastic Processes

Rouse, William B. -- Professor (Joint Appointment with College of Computing)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972.  Systems Engineering & Management

Savelsbergh, Martin -- Schneider Professor
Erasmus University, The Netherlands, 1988.  Combinatorial Optimization, Computational Logistics

Serban, Nicoleta -- Assistant Professor
Carnegie Mellon University, 2005  Statistics

Shapiro, Alex -- Professor
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, 1981.  Statistics, Stochastic Systems & Optimization

Sharp, Gunter P. -- Associate Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology, 1973. P.E. Georgia.  Operations Research, Engineering Economic Analysis

Shi, Jianjun -- Carolyn J. Stewart Chair Professor
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, 1992  Manufacturing Systems, Quality Engineering, Variation Modeling, Analysis and Control of Complex Systems

Sokol, Joel -- Associate Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1999.  Logistics, Optimization

Swann, Julie -- Associate Professor
Northwestern University, 2001.  Logistics, Economic Decision Analysis, and Health Systems

Thomas, Valerie -- Anderson Interface Associate Professor of Natural Systems
Cornell University, 1987  Industrial ecology, environmental assessment, technology assessment

Thomas, Robin -- Professor
Charles University, 1985.  Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Combinatorial Optimization

Tovey, Craig A. -- Professor
Stanford University, 1981.  Combinatorial Optimization, Computational Complexity (jointly appointed with the College of Computing)

Tsui, Kwok-Leung -- Professor
University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1986.  Statistics, Quality Control

Vande Vate, John H. -- Professor and Executive Director of EMIL-SCS
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984.  Mathematical Programming, Computer Science

Vengazhiyil, Roshan Joseph -- Associate Professor
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, 2002.  Applied Statistics, Quality Engineering, Product/Process Design and Development

Vidakovic, Brani -- Professor
Purdue University, 1992.  Statistics

White III, Chelsea (Chip) C. -- H. Milton and Carolyn J. Stewart Chair
University of Michigan, 1974.  Logistics, Stochastic Optimization

Wu, Jeff -- Coca-Cola Chair in Engineering Statistics and Professor
University of California - Berkeley, 1976.  Engineering Statistics, Quality and Reliability engineering statistics, quality and reliability engineering

Yuan, Ming -- Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2004  Statistics

Zhou, Chen -- Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor
Pennsylvania State University, 1988.  Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Robotics Applications

Zwart, Bert -- Associate Professor
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2001  Applied probability, performance evaluation, service engineering
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