Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Safety Engineering and Management for Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineers integrate men, materials and machines through work station designs that improve productivity and comfort of workers. In doing such a design, they have to take care of safety engineering and management aspects also. Also when they are doing value engineering of engineering equipment say in equipment producing companies, they have to make sure that all the safety benefits provided in the design being examined are kept intact and any feature change does not reduce the safety of the item. It is better to say that Industrial engineers have the objective of taking care of safety of operators.

Hence industrial engineers have to learn the safety theories and methods developed so far various safety scholars and professionals and enrich them with their insights.

In Maynard's handbook 5th edition there is a chapter on Safety Engineering and Management.

It identified three areas;

Behavioral safety
Safety Engineering
Systems safety

As a part of safety management, it discussed recording accidents, reporting them and analyzing them.


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