Friday, August 24, 2012

Industrial Engineering and Sustainability

Manufacturing and the Science of Sustainability
Keynote Address byTimothy G. Gutowski
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambrige, MA 02139
2011  - Important Paper

There are many opportunities for Industrial Engineering to work on sustainability issues.

University of Central Florida - IE Department incorporate sustainability into curriculum

Interesting statement by a student
"As an industrial engineer, I think we have a lot to provide society, because we are getting the skills on how to do things more effectively and more efficiently, so we are not reinventing the wheel, we are just making the wheel a little better. If we can do this with the concept of how can we do this and protect the environment at the same time... Because any environmental movement that is not profitable, is not going to be picked up in the commercial world. If the company cannot do it and be profitable, the company is not going to exist."

Industrial Engineering for Sustainability

Improve the performance of closed-loop supply chains with remanufacturing to reduce waste and conserve material and energy.
Design and analyze governmental incentives and fees related to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Improve manufacturing systems for wind energy systems to increase reliability and decrease cost of energy production.

Can Efficiency Improvements Reduce Resource Consumption?
A Historical Analysis of Ten Activities

Important Paper 1999 with number of issues and more than 300 references

Issues in environmentally conscious manufacturing and
product recovery: a survey
Computers & Industrial Engineering 36 (1999) 811±853

Presentation by Dr. Anna Bella Siriban-Manalang
Industrial Engineering Department, DLSU, Philippines
International Panel Member for Sustainable Resource
Management, UNEP-DTIE
(link to be given)

Environmentally Benign Manufacturing
Large number of articles - Collection by MIT

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