Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project Industrial Engineering

Project Industrial Engineering - An Explanation

Industrial Engineering is human effort engineering and system efficiency engineering. It has multiple techniques used to identify and eliminate waste, i.e improving efficiency or productivity and thus reduce cost from designs or plans or ongoing activities

Project industrial engineering has a role in project design, project execution and project management.

Project industrial engineering is concerned  with efficient resource use in projects.
Value engineering is applied in project design. In USA, in all civil engineering projects application of  value engineering is an important step. In the execution of project manpower is used and human effort engineering component of industrial engineering has an important role to play in manpower planning. MOST based time estimation and manpower planning is becoming popular. Construction processes can be subjected to process efficient improvement studies. Mathematical and OR based optimization needs to be utilized in project execution and as well as project management. Engineering economic analysis is applied in project design, execution and management activities.

Project industrial engineering can be organized as a separate function in project organizations and it can pay for itself as a overhead activity by identifying and eliminating waste in plans and designs developed by functional engineers and managers.

Project Value Engineering

what is the meaning of value engineer the project?

Value engineering of public transport projects

Idaho Transport Department - Value Engineering Guidelines

Human Effort Engineering in Projects

Efficient Use of Personnel in a Project

Efficient Use of Resources

Gathering and analysis of work performance information is essential to the project management plan and should be considered a priority. Work performance information contributes to the efficient use of resources

Efficient Use of Construction Resources

Equipment Efficiency


Conceptual Construction Equipment Utilization Plan

Equipment Cost - Presentation

Labor, Material and Equipment Utilization in Construction Projects,_material,_and_equipment_utilization.html

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