Saturday, June 29, 2013

Technology-Man Integration - The Big Achievement of Industrial Engineering

F.W Taylor and Frank Gilbreth worked on principles of motion economy, motion study, stop watch time study, wage payment plans, incentive plans, motion economy devices and made man-machine integration more efficient and productive. Thus technology-man integration is a big achievement of industrial engineering. Ergonomics developed into a big discipline and is helping industrial engineering profession by providing theories and data on human factors.

From this foundation industrial engineering developed method study, which is study of complete process for producing a component or a product, value engineering - evaluation of the product design for cost reduction, and operations research - optimization of various systems having multiple variables with divergent behavior.

The Technology Integration of Man - by Scott Klososky

Man-machine Integration Design and Analysis System (MIDAS) v5:
Augmentations, Motivations, and Directions for Aeronautics Applications
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