Tuesday, November 26, 2013

combined waterjet and plasma on the same CNC machine

One of the things you might notice after looking at the above list is that waterjet and plasma fit together very nicely, each processes advantages nicely cancelling the other’s disadvantage. So these two cutting processes fit nicely together, giving a machine a very wide range of capabilities for processing almost any material.

But the biggest reason for the waterjet-plasma combination is the cost to produce parts. Many parts produced from steel plate require high precision in some areas, but not on the entire part. If you purchase a waterjet cutting machine, you have to cut the entire part using waterjet. If your competitor down the street buys a waterjet-plasma combo, he could produce the same part for less than half the cost! By combining the speed of plasma with the accuracy of waterjet, you can dramatically reduce the time and cost to cut most typical parts for metal fabrication.


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