Saturday, May 14, 2016

What Makes Industrial Engineers More Useful in Engineering/Manufacturing Organizations?

Industrial Engineers are versatile.

Industrial engineers have the consistent consideration of all situations from a systems standpoint. Their focus is on study of processes right from the inception of the discipline.

Their purpose is to enable people, processes and technology to work together synergistically to create value for the world.

IEs have long been considered the bridge between business and engineering – able to speak both languages and to bring disparate and diverse groups together to develop a common solution. In many ways, IEs appear to be balanced from a left brain and right brain aspect, with almost equal comfort employing the appropriate combination of technical skills and soft skills.

From the article
The chameleons of engineering
IE skills are perfect for a world that is changing – and their talents also can change the world
Industrial and Systems Engineering at Work
May 2016    |    Volume: 48    |    Number: 5
The member magazine of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers

My comment in FaceBook Discussion on the article
People, processes and technology - I explain it as human effort engineering and system efficiency engineering. Industrial engineering have to improve technology/engineering processes using both technology and managerial knowledge. I feel two engineering subjects "product productivity engineering and "Engineering processes productivity engineering" have to be made important subjects in IE curriculums to bring out clearly the engineering foundation of IE. Similarly a subject discussing waste being created by managerial processes/actions in technical processes has to be studied to bring out the role of managerial actions in reducing or improving productivity.

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