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Waste to Profits through "Reduce, Recycle, Reuse"


“From Waste to Profits through Reduce, Recycle, Reuse”

Reduce Waste

The first step is to audit the facility’s waste stream. Audits reveal the type and amount of waste per department and opportunities for improvement. Once the composition of the waste stream is identified, companies can call waste reduction specialists to come and advise them on how to reduce waste. The company can also ask  their managers and staff for suggestions on how to reduce waste. Based on the waste reduction ideas and plans, they should establish policies with goals, lines of accountability and a training plan. The employees standard operating plans have to be revised to reflect waste reduction plans.  Waste reduction can be promoted as a value so that culture based behavior changes. The company can provide incentives for achieving waste reduction goals.

Some Ways to Reduce Waste in Hotels

Refillable amenity dispensers can replace soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner bottles in hotel guestrooms. Now attractive dispensers are available and guest would appreciate the concern of the hotel to reduce waste but provide the required items in a clean manner.

Incandescent lights can be substituted by fluorescent or LED bulbs. They give good return on investment and save waste as fluorescent bulbs last five times as long as incandescents and LEDs operate 25 times longer.

Modular mattresses can be used by hotels. Only,  the mattress tops can be replaced initially.  Rest of the unit can be used for another five to seven years.

Hotel restaurants reduce waste by using washable table cloths and dinnerware, reusable coffee filters and by providing condiments in bulk dispensers.

There are more waste prevention opportunities for  hotels such as: eliminating unrequested newspapers; asking  suppliers to reduce excess packaging.

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Recycling different materials - Some Ideas

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