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Product Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is concerned with the design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems of men, materials, and equipment on the dimensions of efficiency, productivity and cost. The basic purpose of industrial engineering is cost reduction. This can be achieved by following several methods at different steps of product or process engineering. The industrial engineering done on product design to reduce the unit cost of the product at the end of production and distribution stage (extended in recent days to life cycle cost) is termed product industrial engineering.

Examining product design to suggest some simple and obvious changes in external features and tolerances was part of early industrial engineering proposed by Taylor, Gilbreth, Maynard, Barnes, Currie and Mundel. But value engineering proposed by L.D. Miles advocated radical redesign of the components and products to reduce the unit cost of a product. Today, value engineering is to be described as the main method in value engineering. Design for manufacturing and design for assembly were developed subsequently as methods to examine and redesign products to reduce cost by making manufacturing and assembly easy and less costly.

Redesign of a product that is accepted by the market by identifying waste and eliminating it is product industrial engineering.

Value engineering is the best method developed for doing product industrial engineering.

Industrial engineers recognized the need to evaluate the design of the product to reduce cost of production very early in the development of industrial engineering discipline.

But early industrial engineering articles were very conservative and they hinted at some specific features only for redesign.

But value engineering made a frontal attack on original design and showed that there is substantial cost savings potential in redesign based on the combined attack by design, manufacturing and purchase department people with value analysis and engineering methodology. Thus we can say product industrial engineering emerged as an important area in industrial engineering with the emergence of value analysis and engineering approach.

Subsequently design for manufacture and assembly came up as an additional method in product industrial engineering.

Japanese brought in fresh thought in reducing costs of product development.

The idea is liked by IISE in this FaceBook link.

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Multi-objective optimization approach for cost management during product design at the conceptual phase
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Journal of Industrial Engineering International
April 2014

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