Sunday, March 19, 2017

An Explanation of Industrial Engineering - 19 March 2017

Functions of Industrial Engineering

Came across this explanation of industrial engineering today in  MM Industrial Spectrum Special Issue of 2015.  The title of the article is Machinery and Industrial Engineering.

The ambition of industrial engineering is to prepare specialists who are able to search and
implement system solutions of manufacturing and supply problems, to increase efficiency
of enterprise processes, who are able to plan and project manufacturing processes and
systems, to provide their high productivity and reliability and to eliminate all sorts of losses
and costs which do not create value added.

Industrial engineering is a multidisciplinary branch combining knowledge of the engineering  field and  experience  of enterprise management.

This branch should use all available sources inside the company as effectively as possible, which are e. g. information itself, financial sources, human work,  knowledge  and  abilities  of  people etc. Therefore, its main task is to rationalize, optimize and improve manufacturing and
non  manufacturing  processes.

Changes are applied at practice through projects which shall eliminate all losses and to provide the highest possible productivity. 

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