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Energy Productivity - Efficiency Improvement

Institute for Industrial Productivity - Industrial Efficiency Technology Database (IETD)

The IETD aims to catalyse the widespread adoption of technologies and practices in industry that improve productivity and profitability while reducing energy

Energy Efficiency and Productivity Strategy
The Victorian Government 2017


JUNE 13, 2016

ClimateWorks Australia has  published the Energy Productivity Index for Companies, and it  illustrates the importance of energy productivity performance to both profitability and the reduction of industrial greenhouse gas emissions.

The new guide analyses the energy productivity of industrial companies and provides investors’ guide, information about the percentage of profits that could be saved in the different sectors, as well as other useful resources and guides.

The energy productivity is  described or defied as the amount of economic output per unit of energy input.


Improving Eenergy Productivity in Australia

Energy Productivity Management - 3 day course

Energy Productivity Training - Model Factory


11 Organizational Obstacles to Energy Efficiency Investment
Written by Paul Baier on July 27, 2011

Energy Efficiency: A Recipe for Success
World Energy Council
170 page report

Metal Casting Industry Energy Best Practice Guide Book

Pfizer Energy Audit
$1 million annual  savings from $5.4m annual energy cost

Leading By Example: Improving Energy Productivity in Federal Facilities
Pdf file

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Energy Productivity - Efficiency Improvement

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