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Product Design Efficiency Engineering - Component of Industrial Engineering

We can use term Product Industrial Engineering to described the efficiency improvement carried out by industrial engineers in the product designs.

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The Role Industrial Engineer in Product Design

By William McAleer and Harold B. Lawson, H.B. Maynard & Co.,
Chapter 10.5 in Maynard IE Handbook, 2nd Edition

The article was published in the 2nd Edition of Maynard Industrial Engineering Handbook as chapter 10.5

Industrial engineering has a role in both the design for making and design for selling.

Industrial engineer's knowledge of methods improvement, motion economy and motion study, work measurement using stop watch as well as predetermined motion times enable him to redesign the product designs to make the less costly to manufacture and also make them less costly to use by the user.

Design for Making

The industrial engineer is a key person reviewing the design. He makes an analysis of design to determine if it is possible to manufacture at an economical cost. Based on the analysis, he finds ways to reduce costs through suggested design modifications prior to final design approval,

Industrial engineer is also an engineer and hence has knowledge of design process and method. He redesigns the production process also to obtain lower cost of production.  He does this without affecting the quality, appeal, saleability, or any other aspect of the product desired by the customer and explicitly designed in by the product design team. An industrial engineer does this work by his knowledge of equipment, processes, tools, wages and the like.

The typical examples of suggestions by industrial engineers for redesign were given by the authors as:

1. Relocation of holes, appendages, fasteners, and the like for easier access in processing or assembly.
2. Modification of design to use existing tools, jigs, fixtures or equipment.  (especially if a new equipment is suggested that will have low utlization)
3. Addition of tapers, rounded edges, and symmetry to parts to simplify positioning required for assembly.
4. Specification of easier to use fasteners (Shigeo Shingo came out with various ideas on fasteners to reduce set up times of machines)
5. Use of free machining stock or use of materials having higher machinability.

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Presently we can see the follow methods and techniques as relevant to product design efficiency engineering activity.

Value Engineering
Design for Manufacture
Design for Assembly
Target Costing Exercises
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A New Design for Production (DFP) Methodology with Two Case Studies
Lee Ming Wong, G Gary Wang, Doug Strong
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

Case Study

L&T TS was approached for an overhaul in the transmission assembly for agricultural equipment in the minimal possible time span.

Redesign the power take off shaft and gears.
Incorporate hydro pump gear into the equipment pump drive gear and redesign pump drive housing to incorporate a single flange mounting to the main transmission housing.
Optimize Transmission housing and front cover to reduce material volume.
Specify bearing selection and verification. (Link not working presently)

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