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Productivity and Industrial Engineering (IE) in Battery Manufacturing


14 April 2015
Research published recently in Nature Climate Change Letters shows battery pack costs may in some cases be as low as US$300 per kilowatt-hour today, and could reach US$200 by 2020. The  cost is decreasing at a faster rate.

The battery in a typical mid-range electric car stores around 25 kilowatt hours of energy. The analysis therefore suggests that the cost of electric car batteries may be as low as $7,500 today and is likely to reduce  to $5,000 by 2020.

Galaxy Power’s QuickForm algorithms for newly assembled batteries save battery manufacturers time, energy, and floor space, producing higher-quality batteries and yields.

An Integer Programming Model to Maximize Battery Manufacturing Productivity
Hesham K. Alfares (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia)
Copyright © 2014. 12 pages.
Alfares, Hesham K. "An Integer Programming Model to Maximize Battery Manufacturing Productivity." Management Science, Logistics, and Operations Research. IGI Global, 2014. 26-37. Web. 19 Feb. 2014. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-4506-6.ch002

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Best Practice Deployment using Power Steering (CI Trac) at Johnson's Controls

Emission Estimation for Lead Acid Battery Manufacturing Processes, 1999

Learning, Reducing Cost and Increasing Productivity at Exide Technologies, Vernon Recycling Facility
Lean Manufacturing Implementation - Training Initiatives
Kaizen Events:

Reduction in length of the line from 51 ft to 17 ft.
WIP down to 4 units from 44 units.
Productivity improved by 11%.
Manhours per ton of lead produced improved by 42%
Vernon's OEE improved to 86.4%  -  1.4% more than world standard
Profitability increased by 42%.

U.S. Battery Manufacturing Company

Deep Cycle Battery 101 Manufacturing - YouTube Video



Top Manufacturers of Lead Acid Batteries

In USA, Johnson Controls took the highest market share for a single vendor in lead-acid market in 2010, with over a quarter of the market share. Other vendors, such as Exide Technologies, GS YUASA, Enersys, and East Penn, took less than a 10% market share each. Other than GS YUASA, all of the top five vendors belong to the United States. GS Yuasa is market leader in Japan and also in Global sales.

World wide battery manufacturers and Brands

About Lead Acid Batteries

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