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What is IE (details)
IE stands for Industrial Engineering.
Japan IE Association thinks as follows.

The basic idea of ​​IE

"IE is a way of thinking and way of thinking that maximizes value  by minimizing resources and revealing value and waste. It is also a technology to realize it."

It aims to devise a method of work and a way of using time to build a rich and fruitful society, and it is utilized not only in the manufacturing industry but also in the service industry, agriculture, public organizations and family life. (2008)


· Value refers to the actions and levels required by the side enjoying it, and it is expressed in terms of content of action, time, quality, quantity, cost, sensitivity and so on.
· "To make manifest value and waste" is to clearly distinguish between the part generating value and the part not producing value and quantitatively or qualitatively indicating it.
· In order to clearly distinguish the value part, it is necessary to quantitatively grasp the eye, waste, and time to measure the true value · time and quantity.
· Moreover, in order to derive its value, minimize management resources (business management) by means of various IE methods such as waste elimination, standardization, and time studies, and management management methods such as "visualization" and "problem problem realization system" The elimination of waste) is effective.
· In economic activities, human resource development and mechanism building is an important factor to foster conditions for developing IE activities.
· Although IE originates from productivity improvement activities in the field of industrial management, in modern times it is widely used such as logistics, agriculture and fishery industry, service, medical, finance, public organization activities, and even in the area of ​​everyday life It is utilized.

As a definition of IE, what the IE Association of America (AIIE = current IIE) defined in 1955 is generally referred to.

"IE is related to the design, improvement and establishment of integrated systems of people, goods and equipment, and in order to clarify, predict and evaluate the results obtained from the system, Use the principles and methods of Mathematics, Physics, Social Sciences expertise and technology together.
The basic idea of ​​IE will not change. However, with the changing times, IE also continues to grow in response to the demands of the times as industrial social structure and lifestyle change dramatically. - interesting - steps in production are explained in detail. Principles of process planning are also interesting.  - Interesting information.

IE  term was first used in the article "Cost Keeping" published in Engineering Magazine in 1901 by James N. Gunn. It is said to be the first article,  to the extent that it can be confirmed in the literature.

This was to assert that the discovery and improvement of cost in the production process was an important work of a technician (engineer), and effort was made to establish the job category and develop curriculum.

Gunn, James Newton. Cost keeping; a subject of fundamental importance. (Engineering magazine. New York. v. 20,  Jan., 1901, p. 703-708.) VDA

"The author draws clearly the outlines of the  province of the production or industrial engineer."

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Illustration Introduction Books that clearly understand the basics and mechanisms of business production plants : Make good things quickly and cheaply!
Yoshida Toshiyuki
Hidekazu system , Aug 10, 2006 - 214 pages

Complete explanation of all operations of the factory from manufacturing to management activities.

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