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Machine Based Industrial Engineering - Japanese Practice - Karakuri Kaizen

Karakuri in Japanese  “からくり改善”

Machine Based Industrial Engineering - Narayana Rao

Prof. Narayana Rao indicated that while Taylor and Gilbreth advocated improvement of both machine and work of man for increasing productivity, Industrial engineering discipline and profession gradually neglected machine improvement. The technical component of IE gradually deteriorated so that engineering disciplines started considering IE as a non-engineering discipline and they termed it imaginary engineering (where engineering is not present).

But Japanese IE has emphasized machine improvement appropriately and came out with ideas like SMED and Poka-Yoke. Japanese IE practices Karakuri Kaizen or production equipment improvement for productivity improvement.

You can get an idea of Japanese practice from the information of the training programme brochure by JIIE.

Production equipment and improvement tools - the IE viewpoint

 Production Equipment / Improvement Tools from the IE Perspective and Approach

Theme Strengthen manufacturing skills at the site by "Karakuri technology"

Organized by a Faculty from
Ishikawa Improvement Technology Laboratory

While the market change is intense, large-scale investment in factories and lines becomes a major management risk, already proved in the consumer electronics industry where management has deteriorated due to sluggish TV sales. It is better to reduce the burden of depreciation and amortization and to accumulate production technology capabilities and facility conservation capabilities by making inexpensive small equipment improvements.

Every year "Karakuri improvement Ⓡ" efforts are becoming active and productive. It is also important to know the mechanism of this improvement effort. It is important to learn the point of view or the idea of ​​ingenuity to improve the analytical ability and imagination of engineers.
In this seminar, you can focus on the following things.

Concept of instruments that activate work improvement in the workplace · Points of focus on improvement of semi-automated line equipment · Point of view of small scale capacity automation line resistant to demand change (that can accommodate changes in demand)

Expected results of attendance (expected effect)

You can learn the point of view of jigs & fixture and other facilities to improve the factory  and improvement techniques for realization.

As demand in the market becomes more and more uncertain, you can build a factory with a small capacity that avoids risks and can acquire the secret for realizing the line and equipment suitable for it.

What is "Karakuri technology"?

In order to flexibly respond to changes in demand, it is necessary to switch to small-scale manufacturing, and it is devising means of "kaizen" and "Karakuri" to realize it.

About the faculty experience
The opinion that production technology should proceed with both "IE-like method" and "technology innovation", was used while developing the planning of device / semiconductor production line and equipment fixture.  Over the years he has  been in charge of improving the productivity of production sites and improving the quality yield the  company. As a slogan "To further evolve the site with cheap and compact equipment and fixtures", while conducting work improvement at the factory, quality improvement and guidance on inventory reduction, as "Karakuri technology".  Having developed human resources and guidance of technology, he helped the company and showed  great results. After leaving the company in 2009, he entered into business as a lecturer of the IE Association and a senior talent advisor related to the above based on his own experience.

Program contents

1. "Self-developed" Karakuri technology "developed with cell production"
· Cell production born in the consumer electronics industry · Point of view of equipment supporting small-scale cell production · Key to develop into cell production in equipment type industry · Background called "Karakuri technology"

2. "Points of focus on Improvement Tools that Activate the Site"
· "Mottainai" is the origin of monozukuri · IE's idea power required for engineers · Physical applications · mechanisms familiar to improvement tools are focused on taking each combination part of straight / rotational / circular motion (Including exercises)

3. "Points of focus for making a difference"
· Fundamentals to realize cheap and small jig equipment · Focus on "functions" that generate added value · Factors of cost increase · Focus on examples of devising fixtures and equipment · Pokayoke's tricks are " Focusing on (including exercises)
· Imagination makes creativity

4. "Autonomous production line collecting wisdom"
· Step by step expansion of production line · Basic idea of ​​in-house equipment · Concept and point of view of production line // realization · Improvement examples

5."Human Resource Development and Activities"
· Training of collapsed human resources and problems at the work site · Curriculum for thinking and training of technicians · Activities developed throughout the company · Measures for reforming awareness of engineers and improving technical skills

6. "Summary"
· Q & A

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