Thursday, January 11, 2018

Simulation and Forecasting - A Note for Industrial Engineers for Industrial Engineering 4.0 (IE 4.0)

Simulation in Industry 4.0

In the Industry 4.0 environment, real-world data can be fed and accurate  simulations of your entire plant’s operations can be built. This increases the potential of simulation as the right data will help in making better predictions of future outcomes.

The simulation of the entire factory can be made in the cloud and further simulation can be done to include new machines and answers to the question whether additions will make a difference to productivity and profitability can be given.

Simulations on the impact to production if workers are absent can be made. How productivity is affected by extra resource can also be answered by simulation.

Fully interactive three-dimensional simulation of a factory is possible now and this simulation provides opportunities for training existing employees as well as new starters.

In the Industry 4.0, new investments can be made only after extensive virtual examination of technical and economic feasibility. Simulation will provide the opportunity to test and refine proposed changes to  production processes, without real-world costs or risks.

Korea Survey on Modeling and Simulation

Among a total of 500 manufacturing firms participated in the survey, 42.0% had the
experience of M&S

In terms of the effects of M&S, ‘development of new products (31.6%)’ was the
highest, followed by ‘reduction of manufacturing time’. Among the firms which
experienced M&S, 91.9% responded that they were willing to maintain or expand


Discrete Event Simulation - Optimizing the Smart Factory

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