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Machine Work Study - Online Book - Narayana Rao

Machine Work Study - Productivity Improvement Based on Machine and Machine Work Redesign





Metal Cutting Theory -  Developments - News

Metal Cutting Theory, Machines and Tools for Machine Work Study

Metal cutting theory is the basis for machine work study or machining process industrial engineering. Understanding process planning is the next step in the knowledge base. Process planning provides step by step instructions to carry out a given job for machining. The process plan is the input for industrial engineering study.

Machine work study and other areas of industrial engineering applied in machining process is explained in:

Machine Shop Process Industrial Engineering

Cutting Tools

Industrial Engineering - Hand Tools, Cutting Tools and Machine Accessories for Productivity

Jigs and Fixtures

Jigs and Fixtures - Principles, Books, Manuals

Setup Time Reduction (SMED)

Eight Steps or Principles for SMED - Shigeo Shingo

CNC Machine - Setup Time Reduction - Bibliography - Case Studies

Poka - Yoke

Poka-Yoke - Shigeo Shingo

Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines for Increased Productivity

Smart Machines

Productivity Improvement Through Smart Machines

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