Friday, July 26, 2019

Productivity Gain Measurement

e-Productivity Gain Measurement (ePGM) System is a self-assessment online tool for companies in measuring productivity at firm’s level.
ePGM assists organisations to understand productivity measurement and also provides efficiency information of the organisations.
This will assist users to observe their companies· productivity performance trend for a period of up to ten years. The system also allows the companies to  benchmark  their  performance  with  the  industry  average performance.

Minumum three years profit and loss account, balance sheet and manufacturing account (if prepared normally) are required to give data inputs.

Visit the site and key in the data.

Productivity of each input   - Total output/quantity of the input  (Partial productivitivy)

Multifactor productivity    =  Total output/(Quantity of specified combination of inputs)

Total Factor Productivity   =  Total output/Total input

Productivity Index  =  100*(Productivity in current year-/(Productivity in base year)

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