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P&G Rakona Plant - Smart Factory

In Rakona factory, located in the Czech Republic,  a number of innovative technologies were been introduced.

A new digital tool was introduced to enable managers to schedule tasks and track their execution. Also, the system now shows live performance metrics of workers, and this has increased the reliability of processes and the effectiveness of machines. Sensors automatically monitor pH value, color, viscosity, and other product details, which makes manual sampling unnecessary, and enables employees to spot quality deviations on time. A new packing system powered by sensors, cameras, scanners, along with a wrapper system, have also been deployed, enabling recipe changes on the packaging even if the line is running.

The Rakona factory especially benefited from web-based, end-to-end supply chain synchronization software, which allows managers to test how different conditions affect the supply chain, spot bottlenecks in manufacturing operations, and deliver products to market faster.

As a result of smart features,  the factory reduced inventory by 43 percent and full plant cost by 20 percent. What’s more, it increased productivity by 160 percent and customer satisfaction by 116 percent.

More Details

Market shifts from dry to liquid washing products effected a significant drop in demand between 2010 and 2013. Facing this challenge, the site triggered a programme to cut costs significantly in order to attract new business.

Two essential enablers have supported Rakona’s successful Fourth Industrial Revolution innovations
Exploit the external digital environment:
Improve people’s skill levels, shape the jobs of the future.



The digital direction-setting tool shows live KPIs on touchscreens directly on the shop floor, which allows users to explore the data at multiple levels in order to understand performance drivers and identify the root causes of deviations.
Additionally, the system is used for operator task scheduling and tracking.
Quality control is now based on real-time analytics applied on data collected by various sensors that monitor pH value, color, viscosity, active level, etc.
Enabled by IT/OT integration, it was first tested with a new production line and then rolled out to legacy systems.
Reworking & complaints have been cut by 50%, scrap is down & quality inspections have been reduced significantly.


Allows for recipe change propagation through the packaging line while the line is running.
The fully integrated sensor, camera, scanner and wrapper system detects and verifies the current status of each zone.
UPack enables each zone of the packaging line to be in a different phase (e.g. start-up, production, empty or changeover
Distributor Connect” connects P&G with distributors
Digitally enabled operational program, it allows the supply managers to track the status of the delivery
Incorporates “GDSN,” Global Data Synchronization Network with the operation with retailers. GDSN enables 100% automated commerce without human intervention



Rakona’s innovation experience showcases the kind of substantial impact that can be achieved by a lighthouse facility embracing Fourth Industrial Revolution approachesand technology. In three years:

  • Productivity has increased by 160%.
  • Customer satisfaction has increased by 116%.
  • Customer complaints have been reduced by 63%.
  •  Full plant cost has been reduced by 20%.
  • Inventory has been reduced by 43%.
  • Off-quality products have been reduced by 42%.
  • Time for changeover has been reduced by 36%.

November 24, 2019
Elisa rolls-out 5G for  industrial IoT to 100 P&G factories, says ‘world will change’ with 5G
Finnish telecoms company Elisa is supporting the digital upgrade of around 100 factories owned by US consumer goods company Procter & Gamble, following an initial rollout of IoT monitoring and insights at 10 sites.

Updated on 23 February 2020
11 November 2019

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