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SMED Case Studies and Examples - Shigeo Shingo

SMED Case Studies - Shigeo Shingo's Book - A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED System

8. Implementing SMED

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

Washing Machine Division (Mikuni Plant)

A. Changing tips in six-spindle lathe used to machine the diameter of shafts used for the revolving blades in a washing machine

Before the improvement, tips were changed inside the machine and many fine adjustments were made. In the new process, tool holders were removed from the lathe and then tips are changed outside the machine. Fine dimensioning adjustments were done with the aid of a gauge.

Tip changing and adjustment times got reduced to five minutes from the fifteen minutes on the machine. Along with it size defects that were occurring due to set ups went from thirty per month to zero.

B. Grease Application Nozzles Changeover

Grease is to be applied at certain locations of the washing machine using automatic machines. The number and location of places to be greased vary by washing machine model. The improvements suggested. Rotary mounting hardware was made that can be rotated 180 degrees and the new nozzle arrangement brought into set up. This can handle only two varieties and when more variety is involved, nozzle change on the rotary mounting has to be done as an external operation. The result was grease nozzle change now took only thirty seconds compared to the earlier twelve minutes.

C. Changing Pallet Guides Automatically

Positioning guides for washing machine body were attached to the pallets. As body sizes vary with the model. these guides are to be changed whenever the product changes. Repositioning was done by hand and it created the following problems. The guides are to be changed on 100 pallets one after the other.  Some washing machine bodies were dented for gashed because of guide repositioning errors. The operation has unsafe features. Hence it was suggested to mechanize the operation. After the mechanization, a machine lifted all the four guides simultaneously with suction pads and then reset them.

9. Setup Improvements Based on the Toyota Production System
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

10. A Quick-Setting ("Q-S") Campaign
Nippom Kogaku K.K. (Oi Plant)

11. Using SMED on a Farm Machinery Processing Line
Kubota, Ltd. (Sakai Plant)

12. Setup Improvements Based on Shop Circle Activities
Toyoto Auto Body Co., Ltd.

13. Comprehensive Development of the SMED Concept to Include Affiliated Plants
Arakawa Auto Body Industries K.K.

14. SMED Developments in Producing Slide bearings
T.H. Kogyo K.K.

15. Examples and Effects of the SMED System
Glory Industries K.K.

16. Achievement of SMEd through Company-wide Activities
Kyoei Kogyo K.K.

17. SMED in Tire Manufacturing Processes
Bridgestone Tire Co., Ltd.

18. Using SMED for Aluminium Die-Casting Dies
Tsuta Machine and Metals Co., Ltd.

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