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Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada - Industrial Engineering and Management Syllabus

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
III Year - II Semester

Unit I


Definition of Industrial Engineering (I.E.), development, applications, role of an industrial engineer, differences between production management and industrial engineering, quantitative tools of IE and productivity measurement.

Concepts of management, importance, functions of management, scientific management, Taylor's principles, theory X and theory Y, Fayol's principles of management.

Unit II

Plant Layout
Factors governing plant location, types of production layouts, advantages and disadvantages of process layout and product layout, applications, quantitative techniques for optimal design of layouts, plant maintenance, preventive and breakdown maintenance

Unit III

Operations Management
Importance, types of production, applications, work study, method study and time study, work sampling, PMTS, micro-motion study, rating techniques, MTM, work factor system, principles of Ergonomics, flow process charts, string diagrams and Therbligs.

Unit IV

Statistical Quality Control
Quality control, its importance, SQC, sampling inspection, types, Control charts - X and R - charts X and S charts and their applications, numerical examples

Unit V

Resource Management
Concept of human resource management, personnel management and industrial relations, functions of personnel management, Job-evaluation, its importance and types, merit rating, quantitative methods, wage incentive plans, types

Unit VI

Total Quality Management
zero defect concept, quality circles, implementation, applications, ISO quality systems, six sigma - definition, basic concepts

Unit VII

Value Analysis
Value engineering, implementation procedure, enterprise resource planning and supply chain management


Project Management
PERT, CPM - differences and applications, critical path, determination of floats, importance, project crashing, smoothing and numerical examples


1. Industrial Engineering and Management by O.P. Khanna, Khanna Publishers,
2. Industrial Engineering and Production Management, Martand Telsang, S. Chand & Company Ltd., New Delhi

Reference Books:


The topic "differences between production management and industrial engineering" is an important one. Actually, the difference between pure mechanical engineering and industrial engineering in mechanical engineering discipline also needs to be clarified at this stage. Similarly difference betwee design of a system done by engineers and managers to give outputs required by the potential users has to be distinguished with redesign done by industrial engineers to minimize resource use by identifying and eliminating waste in the first or primary design solution.

In many of the topics of the syllabus, there is original design done engineers and managers with the academic and practical specialization in that topic. The industrial engineers are given the design to do efficiency or productivity analysis and improve it in the dimension.

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