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IIE Transactions - Issue Wise Details 1969 to the Current Period

Issuewise Details for the period 1994 ot the current period.

1969 vol. 1

The Relationship Between Measures of Heart Rate and Rate of Energy Expenditure

Robert B. Andrews
pages 2-10

A Generalized Materials Handling Simulation System

Charles E. Donaghey
pages 11-16

Non-Parametric Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Programming

Robert n. Braswell & Frederick m. Allen
pages 17-23

Minimum Cost Quality Control Tests

H. Allan Knappenberger & A. H. E. Grandage
pages 24-32

The Utility of Signal-Detection Theory in the Analysis of Industrial Inspector Accuracy

P. M. Wallack & S. Keith Adams
pages 33-44

GERT: Part III—Further Statistical Results; Counters, Renewal Times, and Correlations

Gary E. Whitehouse & A. Alan B. Pritsker
pages 45-50

A Blood Bank Collection Scheduling and Inventory Control System

C. Carl Pegels
pages 51-55

Linear Programming Analysis of a Water Supply System

Ishwar Gupta
pages 56-61

Size of Administrative Units—Some Criteria and Decision Rules

Ernst S. Valfer & Gideon Schwarzbart
pages 62-69

The Shape of the Normal Work Area in the Horizontal Plane

Stephan Konz & Satish C. Goel
pages 70-74

Establishing the Optimum Inventory Size and Stocking Policy for a Warehouse

David P. Herron & Richard L. Hawley
pages 75-80

Determining the Mean Time to Failure for Certain Redundant Systems

Philip Jumonville & William G. Lesso
pages 81-82

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