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Product Productivity Engineering

22 December 2017

Product Productivity Engineering - Definition and Explanation

Developing and Designing products that promise higher productivity in processes at the user end is product productivity engineering.  (Narayana Rao K.V.S.S., 22 December 2017)
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Examples of High Productivity Equipment and Machines

CNC Lathe for High-Productivity Vertical Turning of Flange-Type Workpieces

Extreme rigidity, high rapid traverse speeds and short strokes, together with the integral coolant system, guarantee precision, high productivity levels and short idle times for the VSC 250 production machine.

Okuma’s new 2SP-2500H CNC lathe featuring smart machine productivity

24 October, 2017
Okuma has launched the 2SP-2500H two-spindle CNC lathe, with innovative front-facing twin spindles to provide much higher levels of productivity and far greater reliability, for auto parts and other mass production applications. The 2SP-2500H is an automation-ready machine that integrates two lathes into one unit with a standard loader that feeds blanks for continuous front and back work.

In industrial engineering, product productivity engineering has to develop as an area of practice. Industrial engineers focus on increasing the productivity of processes and in that process identify improvements in machines and equipment that increase the productivity of the process under evaluation. This knowledge can be used in the development and design stages of machines and equipment. Hence within the industrial engineering profession, product productivity engineers and process productivity engineers can interact and exchange ideas and take up new development and design projects to create machines and equipment that provide higher productivity.

More Examples of High Productivity Equipment and Machines

Innovative, High Productivity Fiber Laser Tube Cutting

TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber laser tube cutting machine from TRUMPF is the world’s first tube cutting machine with a solid-state laser to eliminate the need for a fully enclosed housing, making it quick and easy to load individual tubes and profiles or to remove finished parts while the machine is in operation.
December 30, 2017

The W 250 from Wirtgen: world class in performance and productivity

The strength of the W 250 lies in its ability to mill large job sites on motorways or airports at top speed. The Wirtgen large milling machine can remove asphalt layers with a milling depth of up to 350 mm and hard concrete surfaces at a high advance rate. In addition to removing complete roadway sections in a single pass, individual layers can also be removed extremely economically.


High rigidity and high productivity turning machine Milling series
Overwhelming cost performance

HyperSync™ - eIMC™ in-mold closing technology – up to 20% improvement in productivity

All-new high-performance, fully integrated system for specialty closure manufacturing -The HyperSync™

HyperSync™ uses the revolutionary new eIMC™ in-mold closing technology. This servo-driven technology allows for the safe overlapping of mold functions, providing precise, controlled closing of flip-top closures while still in the warm position. The speed of closing is carefully controlled, allowing for quick closing movements with precision; this ensures the fastest closing speed while maintaining the ideal force required and ensuring optimal part quality. The use of eIMC™ in-mold closing technology provides up to 20% increase in productivity, with nearly two seconds saved per cycle depending on the application.

High Productivity Machines - Marketing Advantage

High productivity machines have  marketing advantages. They are rationally desirable and hence demand exists for high productivity machines. There is also the communication advantage. You can advertise high productivity machines, get immediate sales and also create brand value. Your company will be associated with innovativeness and high productivity. Whenever, machines are being replaced buyers look at your catalogues and include your company in the product request notifications.

22 December - National Mathematics Day - India

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