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Work Study - Evolution - Bibliography

The Development and Scope of Work Study
R. M. Currie, M.I.C.E., First Published June 1, 1954 Research Article
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

(1965) "Work Study Volume 14 Issue 12", Work Study, Vol. 14 Issue: 12, pp.9-72,

Aslib organized a series of meetings in London during the autumn and winter of 1951–2. The first of these was held on 7th November, 1951, at Chaucer House, when Mr. J. P. Torrie, Work Study Officer of the Work Study Section, Technical Department, Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd., spoke on Method Study.

J.F. Payne
October 1963

S. J. Dalziel
First published: July 1956

The Meaning of Work: Papers on Work Organization and the Design of Jobs
By Lisl Klein
Lisl Klein worked on thesis human implications of work study

Scientific Management in Britain, A History
PhD Thesis
Kevin Whitston

Management of Productivity Hardcover – 1971
by Joseph E. Faraday  (Author)

Impact of Productivity Linked Reward Systems PLRS on the service sector
Researcher: Dhaka, Brham Pal
Guide(s): Goyal, O P
University: Maharshi Dayanand University
Completed Date: 31/12/1996

Scientific method

Principles of Work Study and Employee Productivity
Readings in Personnel Management
K.V. Ramani - Volume with focus on productivity

"Time and Motion Study", Work Study, Vol. 3 Issue: 11, 1954, pp.11-51,

Time and Motion Study, as its name implies, has always advocated the integration of all Work Study interests. It has always held the view that Motion Study and Time Study are complementary to one another.

Introductory Talk: The Practical Application of Work Study and Incentives to Maintenance Engineering on Continuously Operated Plants
I. S. McDavid, First Published June 1, 1963 Other

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Conference Proceedings

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