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Engineering Economics - Books and Contents



Engineering Economy, 6/e, Leland Blank and Anthony Tarquin, McGraw Hill, New York, 2005
Table of Contents :
Level 1 This is How It All Starts
Chapter 1: Foundations of Engineering Economy
Chapter 2: Factors: How Time and Interest Affect Money
Chapter 3: Combining Factors
Chapter 4: Nominal and Effective Interest Rates
Level 2 Tools for Evaluating Alternatives
Chapter 5: Present Worth Analysis
Chapter 6: Annual Worth Analysis
Chapter 7: Rate of Return Analysis: Single Alternative
Chapter 8: Rate of Return Analysis: Multiple Alternatives
Chapter 9: Benefit/Cost Analysis and Public Sector Economics
Chapter 10: Making Choices: the Method, MARR, and Multiple Attributes
Level 3 Making Decisions on Real-World Projects
Chapter 11: Replacement and Retentions Decisions
Chapter 12: Selection from Independent Projects Under Budget Limitation
Chapter 13: Breakeven Analysis
Level 4 Rounding Out the Study
Chapter 14: Effects of Inflation
Chapter 15: Cost Estimation and Indirect Cost Allocation
Chapter 16: Depreciation Methods
Chapter 17: After-Tax Economic Analysis
Chapter 18: Formalized Sensitivity Analysis and Expected Value Decisions
Chapter 19: More on Variation and Decision Making Under Risk
Engineering Economic Analysis: Student's Quick Study Guide,  Donald G. Newnan, Edward W. Wheeler, Ed Wheeler, Ted Eschenbach, Jerome P. Lavelle, Contributor Ed Wheeler, Oxford University Press US, 2004
Table of Contents :

Course Summary

cash flow, rate of return, salvage value

Making Economic Decisions

50 cents, Property taxes, Lbs of raw

Engineering Costs and Cost Estimating

Weakley county, Factory overhead, gizmo

Interest and Equivalence

Solution F, compounded monthly, interest

More interest Formulas

effective interest rate, Effective annual rate, continuously compounded

Present Worth Analysis

salvage value, net present value, effective interest rate

Annual Cash Flow Analysis

interest rate, equivalent uniform annual, EUAW

Rate of Return Analysis

interpolate, Solution F, if dividends

7A Difficulties Solving for an interest Rate

following cash flow, interpolation, Accumulated Cash Flow

1ncremental Analysis

Salvage Value, Big Bite, Choose most expensive

Other Analysis Techniques

payback period, breakeven, Sim City

Uncertainty in Future Events

Salvage Value, megawatt, Gaseous diffusion


book value, MACRS, diatomaceous earth

Income Taxes

income tax, Taxes ATCF, SOYD

Replacement Analysis

equivalent annual cost, heat exchanger, EACA

1nflation and Price Change

capital gains tax, property tax, payback

Selection of a Minimum Attractive Rate of Return

Backhoe, Cost of Capital, model Y

Economic Analysis in the Public Sector

equivalent annual cost, benefit-cost ratio, interest rate

Rationing Capital Among Competing Projects

Capital Budget, Present Worth, Worth of Benefits

Accounting and Engineering Economy

Current Liabilities, Current Assets, Quick ratio

Engineering Economics, 4th Edition, James L. Riggs, David D. Bedworth, and Sabah U. Randhawa
McGraw Hill, New York, 1996
Table of Contents :

    1. Introduction to Engineering Economics
    2. Time Value of Money
    3. Present-Worth Comparisons
    4. Equivalent Annual-Worth Comparisons
    5. Rate-of-Return Calculations
    6. Structural Analysis of Alternatives
    7. Replacement Analysis
    8. Analysis of Public Projects
    9. Depreciation and Income Tax Considerations
    10. Effects of Inflation
    11. Sensitivity Analysis
    12. Break-even Analysis
    13. Risk Analysis
    14. Multistage Sequential Analysis
    15. Multiattribute Decision Making

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