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Job and Work Analysis - Brannick, Levine and Morgeson - Book Information and Review

Job and Work Analysis

Methods, Research, and Applications for Human Resource Management Second Edition

Michael T. Brannick University of South Florida
Edward L. Levine University of South Florida
Frederick P. Morgeson Michigan State University, Eli Broad Graduate School of Management
Sage Publications 2007
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Overview of the Book
The Uses of Job Analysis
Building Blocks of Job Analysis Methods 
A Couple of Job Analysis Projects 
2. Work-Oriented Methods 
Overview of the Chapter 
Time-and-Motion Study 
Functional Job Analysis 
Task Inventories 
Critical Incident Technique 
Chapter Summary 
3. Worker-Oriented Methods 
Overview of the Chapter 
Job Element Method 
Position Analysis Questionnaire 
Other Trait-Based Worker-Oriented Measures 
Cognitive Task Analysis 
Chapter Summary 
4. Hybrid Methods 
Overview of the Chapter 
Combination Job Analysis Method 
Multimethod Job Design Questionnaire 
Occupational Information Network 
Chapter Summary 
5. Management and Teams 
Overview of the Chapter 
Management and Leadership 
Job Analysis for Teams 
Chapter Summary 
6. Job Analysis and the Law 
Overview of the Chapter 
Federal Legislation 
Enforcement of Equal Employment Opportunity Laws 
Executive orders 
Professional Standards 
Prescriptions for Job Analysis 
Chapter Summary 
7. Job Description, Performance Appraisal, Job Evaluation, and Job Design 
Overview of the Chapter 
Job Description 
Performance Appraisal 
Job Evaluation and Compensation 
Job Design/Redesign 
Chapter Summary 
8. Staffing and Training 
Overview of the Chapter 
Chapter Summary 
9. Doing a Job Analysis Study 
Overview of the Chapter 
Matching Purpose and Job Analysis Attributes 
Selecting Approaches 
Observations and Interviews 
Analyzing Data 
A Note About Accuracy in Job Analysis 
Chapter Summary 
10. The Future of Job Analysis 
Overview of the Chapter 
Changing Conditions 
Implications for Jobs and Job Analysis 
Chapter Summary 
A Final Note 
About the Authors
An important book to be browsed by industrial engineers
Original Knol - 2utb2lsm2k7a/ 1842

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