Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Introduction to Industrial Engineering Course at NITIE 2011 - Bulletin Board

Course page

April 2012

Value engineering required
Industrial engineers have to add value by reducing the cost of new popular products as much as possible as fast as possible.

$60  60-Watt LED Bulb

2011 Class

Section B 3rd class: 1.7.2011 Discussed Pioneers of Industrial engineering. Test will be there based on 6 topics. 20 minutes. 4 questions.

Section B 2nd class on 29.6.2011: Components of IE. Design of Piston assignment informed. (Various models of Cars)

Section A Second and Third classes on 28.6.2011. Topics covered Components of IE and Pioneers of IE.
Textbook: Maynard's Handbook 5th Edition (Specified chapters) and specified knols in the course page.
Design of Piston assignment announced. Material was given. (Various models of Scooters and Motor cycles).
Information regarding What is industrial engineering? Going's Answer in 1911 and course page was given.
Section A First class was taken on 27.6.2011. Introduction and IE definitions covered. Mathematics assignment was informed.

Section B First class was taken on 24.6.2011 Covered Introduction and Industrial engineering definitions 1911 to 2009 (Going to Narayana Rao)

Mathematics Assignment announced: Application of a mathematical technique in engineering design. (Due within a week)

Original Knol 4897

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