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Cost Reduction - Concept Papers, Cases, Reports and News

Concept Papers

CFD for Productivity in Design

Robust Design Optimization for Productivity in Design Departments

Riding the Storm in 2012 - How to make cost reduction possible? Deloitte White paper
Easy efficiency opportunities have dried up. But still cost reduction is required. This means more strategic, agrresive cost and performance initiatives have to be taken up by companies.

Sustained Cost Reduction - Bain & Co.

Supply Chain Cost Reduction UPS

Sustained Cost Transformation - Bain

Top Consultants in Cost Reduction

Strategic Cost Reduction: Services Overview - Accenture

Sustained Cost Transformation - Bain

Sustainable Cost Reduction - Deloitte

Cost Management and Cost Reduction - KPMG

Design to Value - McKinsey

Sustainable Cost Reduction - PWC

Scope and Challenge Papers


Achieving Sustainable Cost Reduction in Investment Banks - Accenture

For Photovotaics cost reduction is a priority

IT Cost Reduction - CIOs are using New Technologies

Case Studies and News

August 2012

Cost Reduction Opportunity in Imaging Systems in Companies

The process of optimizing the imaging and output infrastructure unnecessarily high costs and underutilized assets. IDC Research studied nine large enterprises in the United States, Europe, and Asia and found the majority of organizations studied reported major problems related to overall cost awareness of their imaging hardware, their ability to assess device utilization, and high costs of maintaining an often aged and out-of-date fleet of printers, copiers, and multifunction devices. Based on the experiences of these nine companies and other research, IDC published a white paper that looks at the unnecessary costs and inefficiencies that typically exist within these resources and the significant opportunities to achieve cost savings, boost employee productivity, and speed up core business processes from tighter integration between the document advances of hardcopy devices and business process workflows.

May 2011

Lean Processes Trim $1.3M in Costs From ORs at Michigan's Oakwood Annapolis Hospital

DuPont™ Surlyn® as a Seal Layer Enables Increased Productivity During Filling of Resealable Tubular Bags

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