Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Asia Manufacturing Services company provides Interim Management and consulting services for:

Western companies needing short term assistance with either managing a factory, improving productivity, quality, or services, launching new products, transferring products or processes into Asia, or establishing a new facility and organization.
Eastern companies needing to establish a presence in the USA whereby they may require customer contacting, making customer presentations, establishing logistics and ware housing, having quality problems, or just needing consulting services for managing a global operation.

Mark Lado / President

Mark Lado originally from New York graduated with a BS degree in Industrial Engineering, graduated with an MBA degree in General Management, served in the United States Navy Reserves, and worked in the Automotive industry for over 20 years primarily in Operations. He has held senior level positions in both TRW Automotive and WABCO and has lived and worked in various countries in Asia, Europe, and USA:
Australia Germany Malaysia UK
China Korea Thailand USA
Experienced in establishing world-class lean six sigma organizations via start-ups, turnaround and continuous improvement. His expertise is in site management and supply chain logistics. If you are looking for an operational leader who is determined, hands-on, multi-cultural, and can engage your teams to deliver increased profitability, productivity, and quality then contact Asia Manufacturing Services, Mark Lado.

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