Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Productivity and IE in Wire and Cable Manufacturing

33592  Communication and Energy Wire and Cable Manufacturing

Improved Productivity for Power Cable Manufacture 

Recently the available manufacturing technologies employed for XLPE Power Cables have been upgraded 
to enhance the productivity and performance of XLPE cables 

The analysis shows that it is practically possible to reduce the effect of all of today’s constraints to 
productivity. Within the manufacture of the cable cores this means that extra conductor heating and 
insulations with increased reactivity, together with improved cooling, bring increases in the range of 20-
30%. At the highest voltages it is possible to safely reduce the degassing requirements through the use of 
materials that inherently produce less by products. All of these benefits to productivity have been shown to 

be compatible with high reliability by laboratory electrical tests. 

Routes to improved manufacturing productivity for MV & HV power cables

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